Case Study: Jot It Down

  • Feb 18, 2024

Description: Mini Flip Pad Jotter

Industry: Financial

What it was purchased for: An investment firm wanted to promote their new financial blog to their existing customers with a memorable branded item that their account holders could use at their office or on the go.

How it was distributed: The investment firm included the mini flip pad jotters in mailings to their account holders along with their monthly statement, and a brief memo explaining the purpose of their investment advice blog to give customers additional info and tips to help them with smarter investing and portfolio diversification.

Result or ROI: About 7-10 days after the jotters were mailed out, the investment firm saw a spike in both new visitors and overall organic traffic to their blog by tracking the data in Google Analytics. Their web team observed a sustained increase in the level of organic traffic to their blog and website for the next 12 months. The company was also able to determine which blog posts were the most popular with their customers and developed a content strategy to produce more content like it with the goal of capturing more readership and ultimately, more accounts.

Source: Warwick Publishing

  • Category: Case Studies
  • Tags: Promotional Product Ideas, Notepad, Jotter
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