Case Study: Attract New Customers

  • Sep 7, 2019

As part of their new corporate wellness program, the company wanted to stress the importance of healthy nutrition to its employees. Along with literature, discount memberships at a local health club and coupons for use at community health food stores, employees were presented with a mug to promote better meal habits. The Soup Mug Soupreme was selected for its tie-in to the theme of wellbeing. The mugs were presented to employees upon completion of their personal "Goal Chart", which detailed their plans to "build a healthier me." Within just three months, nearly 30% of the employees met their "healthy me goals." The soup mug was seen in the office and warehouse throughout the day and was a constant reminder of the program. The response to the soup mug by employees was so positive that the company is planning to use is as a client gift.

Source: VisionUSA

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